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another sappy hug fanart

well i really needed a hug all day, and right before i went home i got tackled in a gigantic bear hug that i didn't see coming, haha~ XD now i can say the day ended well, despite everything!

annnnd here's a kinda old doodle to go with this post!  it's one of the first brush pen drawings that i ever scanned, which means that it was a minor "art breakthrough" at the time~ now i feel nostalgic XD

also, i promise i'll get around to posting that real media sketch dump soon @___@ scanning is a real pain...

japanese painting

some things are just heartbreakingly beautiful ;3;

given the number of 2D animation fans on my flist, i'm sure that most of you have seen this. but in case you haven't,  have a look at the 2009 line-up of student short films from the incredible Gobelins L'Ecole de L'Image.  i love them all, but the first one struck me as particularly brilliant... perfect buildup, and i actually gasped at the end. :D

damn, i can't believe these were made by students.  @_@

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ace attorney painter sketches, pt. 2~

okay, so.... one of my art requests on the pwkmeme got filled in an awesomely ambitious and inspiring way, reminding me that i need to get off my ass and start posting all my backlogged art~ so here goes!

Collapse )

more art is on the way, i actually have a ridiculous amount of sketches but they're all real media... which involves hours of scanning, which i really hate to do @___@ but i gotta keep proving to myself that i'm getting better!
japanese painting

[doodle] You'll never be alone

it seems that everyone i know is down on their luck right now... but as long as you've got support, i think that everything will work itself out. :)

why do i always want to draw with these big thick lines that look like a little kid did it with a crayon... XD haha, but it's so much fun~

and eep, i keep neglecting to post stuff here, now i've got this big backlog of unposted fanart~ gonna get it all organized together for a big art dump soon!